Fixing This “Thing” We Call Poverty


Many state and local authorities have launched into the struggle to end poverty in their perspective cities and city borders. They’re working with local agencies to locate solutions to an ever-growing population affected by homelessness and hunger; fueled in part by the lack of livable income (since the take-home pay is too low) or people who simply don’t have any income whatsoever.

Two things are sure: “Giving a man a fish” does not work and neither does “Sleep Outs” because at the end of the day, the winner is the charity or church getting more products and financing to ‘keep fixing’ the situation and the failure is the individual still stuck at the dire situation.

Many who are living in virtual poverty feel totally helpless to do much about their personal battle, therefore, have little, to no fiscal bargaining power with which to alter their general condition. Without leverage, for them, the capacity to negotiate a favorable financial outcome simply is not going to happen. Who represents their curiosity so their needs get met or so they can be heard?

Many will tell you that they don’t want charity and there are a few people who refuse it and simply won’t take it because they don’t need to trade or on their dignity or self-respect; sense demeaned, distressed and downright belittled accepting charitable assistance. They come from the household value standpoint that if you’re ‘abled’ bodied then you don’t accept handouts and free charity; ‘You make a way and do on your own.’

So as to head off this growing epidemic, it is equally crucial and critical to recognize and enable single women (who mostly, mathematically and fully mind up most poverty-stricken families) ought to be given the chance to both quickly and easily become usable Independent Business Owners.

They need to be able to jump-start their way to financial independence in a matter of days or hour; not months or weeks. Another crucial and quite vital key is producing informal networking classes and clubs tasked with teaching anywhere from company application 101, integrity 101, contracts, offline and localized business promotion strategies, public speaking, advertising, business & dining etiquette or suitable business presentation.

To identify and adopt workable ideas that cause immediate and effective solutions is the key to eliminating entrenched, ostracized and marginalized thinking by people that aren’t personally touched by poverty.

Many have the ability, they simply need a chance to make an income that will uplift them and their children from the depths of a poverty-stricken lifestyle.