Make Profit – Not Poverty


You can not honestly give to anyone unless your needs are met first. Initially, it seems selfish, but it is a healthy kind of selfishness. In the security briefing before a flight, the attendant lets you secure your own oxygen mask before you help somebody else. You’ll be in a far better position to assist people in your black belt school if you’re grossing $30,000 a month, since you’re taking care of yourself, as opposed to grossing $10,000 because you’re “helping the kids.”

The reason you sign the lease, risk your money, risk lawsuits, risk losing everything isn’t to help the kids. The main reason is to build wealth for your loved ones.

This is an integral mindset, and the top black belt school owners are crystal clear on it.

The objective of your college is to build wealth for your loved ones and to keep a career. You accomplish this by getting the best teacher in your city and having a solid business system to support your teaching so that you can reach and help more people. You create wealth by assisting people.

Imagine you’re the owner of a television system. You do not take a risk like that just to have displays which will assist the children. You offer some educational programs in the public interest and many others that are pure entertainment. But you purchased the system to create wealth for your loved ones. You do so by selecting the best talent, equipment, and programming potential.

This is particularly true once you’ve got a family. It’s not really fair to drag your partner and kids through the lifespan of a martial artist if you’re not going to construct a future for them.

The intent of establishing your martial arts business would be to send your children to good schools, to provide your partner with a sense of certainty and security that things will be OK financially and also to offer you the chance to retire in dignity. You accomplish this by being the very best martial arts school owner and instructor in your town. As soon as you adopt this attitude, company gets less stressful, since it’s much easier to make decisions when you have Clarity of Purpose.

Chase your passion but do not chase away gains or your families’ future doing this.

As Abraham Lincoln put it, “We can not help the poor by becoming one of them.”  A plastic surgeon talk on the telephone with a patient who asked for a reduction or payment conditions, he said, “Miss, this is the way I make my income. You may make payments and, even when they’re done, we could do the operation; otherwise, we are going to need to wait till you can afford it.” That’s Clarity of Purpose. Cosmetic surgery, like martial arts, is a decision.

Western society won’t ever take martial arts seriously as a business, activity, or possible career if all of us live hand to mouth. How do you teach the achievement life skills so popular now if you’ve not experienced success as a teacher?

Would you want someone to teach you how you can run a martial arts school that has never owned a company, much less a martial arts school? I hope not.

Cardinal Rule – Never sacrifice the needs of your household for your pupils.

The most prosperous school owners are crystal clear that the purpose of the college is to build wealth for their families. Make profit – not poverty – from your fire.