Great About Canada


I will be honest here and admit that I do not know enough about Canada. I’ve had lots of Canadian friends through time, and they all raved about how good it had been, but they’d say that would not they. I doubt there are lots of individuals on the planet who doesn’t think that they come to the best place on earth. I am positive that the people of Tijuana Mexico think their town to be a fantastic place; trust me, it is not. In the interest of fairness, however, I have opted to do a little investigation to determine precisely what’s so good about Canada.

Unfortunately, I do not have the money to travel there so I will only be relying on the wonders of Google. The first thing you find out about Canada Ontario is that it’s big; in fact, it’s the second biggest country on earth. This is impressive but it does not automatically indicate that it’s a wonderful place to go. After all, if a location consists of the boring landscape that it was really large would only be adding to the problem.

A bit more investigation though tells us that Canada isn’t just really big, but it’s also filled with some spectacular scenery. If you travel up to Newfoundland you can also find some icebergs and fjords; I am not exactly sure what a fjord is, but it certainly sounds impressive. They also appear to have some magnificent national parks and when the photos of Alberta are anything to go then well worth a trip. Some more Google investigation suggests that Canada is a really tolerant country that values its people wherever they come from originally.

This seems likely because I have never met a Canadian who gave the impression they were leery about immigrants taking over their country. Different immigrant groups appear to mix well in Canadian society so that they have to be doing something right. The friendliness of the populace is an important element when it comes to estimating the greatness of a nation so in this regard, Canada is doing well. Additionally, it appears to be a peaceful country, which will also increase its charms.

The Canadians also appear to get a lot less crime than several other countries. This will come as a surprise to people like me who get most of their opinions about the nation by watching Trailer Park Boys. I’ve been assured though, this isn’t how all Canadians live. In reality, it turns out that this TV series does little to describe life in Canada; next, they’ll be telling me that the TV series Friends was not a So it does seem that Canada has some motives to claim greatness. Stunning scenery, hospitable people, and very low crime are certain things to be proud of. Maybe in the future, I will be less inclined to dismiss my Canadian buddies when they make claims about their property being one of the nicest places on Earth.

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