Registering Business in Ontario


There’s simply no doubt that Ontario is the ideal place to begin a business in Canada. It’s the largest local economy with near 13 million and growing inhabitants. The business infrastructure is well established, making the business registration process a lot easier to execute. Whenever you choose to incorporate a business in Ontario, you have to choose whether you would like a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a limited liability partnership. No matter what you opt for, I can help you navigate the Ontario business registration procedure within the next few sections.

I will discuss enrolling both a sole proprietorship and a corporation in this part. If you would like to conduct your business as a sole proprietorship you do not need to officially register your business name. However, as a corporation, you have to go through the proper Ontario business registration procedure. Even as a sole proprietorship, if you will name your business anything aside from your name, you’ll need to go through the proper Ontario business registration procedure. A business’s name is registered with the Companies Branch of the Ministry of Consumer and Business Services.

As a business, you need to make a choice whether you wish to integrate into Ontario only or if you wish to integrate into Canada. If you would like the latter, you’ll need to federally incorporate which establishes you as a corporation in all Canada. For our purposes, however, I will focus on Ontario business registration just, which is referred to as provincial incorporation that establishes and protects your business’s name in Ontario and WARNING: Be very careful when choosing a name for your business. Regardless of what business type you begin, you can’t use any names which resemble any relationship with any entity of the Canadian Government, a state, Burrough, the Crown or any entity associated with it, any municipality or any other type of legal entity.

The sole exceptions to this are explicit permissions obtained in the entity whose name has been used itself. Even though the Ontario business registration authorities will inform you if you’ve got a business name like another existing one, they will not tell you if your title is very Only you can do so by searching the business name. This step is important so you are not sued by an existing business for breach of trademark. Searches can be conducted for $12 or less, online or personally by visiting the Companies Branch which is at 375 University Avenue in Toronto. Moreover, you need to go through the Digital Corporate Index to find out about the variants of your considered business name.

You can also run your search online through a few online resources which are endorsed by the Ministry of Consumer and Business Services. If you’re registering a company in Ontario, you must submit a copy of a NUANS report with your registration application. A NUANS report is a New Upgraded Automated Name Search report which helps ensure you’re not overstepping legal boundaries when naming your business. The NUANS is a nationwide business name registry, which will show all company business names in the nation that resemble your preferred title (similar titles ).

Filing for Your Business Name – What Do You Require? Like any other legal procedure, the Ontario business registration procedure involves some paperwork. If you are incorporating a business, you must complete the articles of incorporation that is Form 1 defined under the Business Corporations Act. These forms are available online, in shops in addition to attorneys. A simpler procedure is to file online through Cyberbahn Inc. As you can imagine, you will need all of your personal in addition to business details when filing out the forms.

You will need the name of your business, speech, the description of the business in addition to your personal information where you can be corresponded with (send and receive Bear in mind that you need to have a physical address and not a PO Box. In case you have partners, you must incorporate all their information as well if you don’t have over 10. One reason the Ontario business registration procedure is so much simpler to do is the number of access points available to you. By way of instance, you can file your business incorporation paperwork in one of several locations.

You may register with the public office of the Companies Branch. You can do this via email or in person. You can get these forms from the office directly or by a Land Registry Office within the state. You can get your business registered for under $100 regardless of which method you choose (normally $80 in person and $60 online). The major difference I can think of involving enrolling in person or via email is the time it takes for you to receive your Master Business License, which is essentially You get this immediately once you enroll in person, whereas you receive it within 8 weeks if you register via email. Online registration requires a few days I believe. As soon as you have registered your business name, you’ll require the various licenses and registrations specific to your business operations.

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